Wealth Solutions

Resources for the intricacies of significant wealth

Managing substantial wealth often requires specialized capabilities and expertise. The Wealth Solutions team offers just that, helping advisors compete for and service high-net-worth clientele. Our professionals cater to the planning and wealth management needs of high-net-worth clients – working as your partner, not your competition.

Whether you’re seeking expertise regarding significant wealth events or guidance with specific planning disciplines such as estate planning, charitable giving, lending solutions or risk management, the Wealth Solutions team is here to serve you and your clients.

Expertise & Capabilities

Legacies thoughtfully planned, planning thoroughly supported

Helping your most successful clients plan for their legacy is very often just as important as managing their wealth today. To support you and them through each step of that planning, Wealth Solutions offers an extensive array of wealth management and legacy planning expertise with teams dedicated to creating customized solutions.

  • A well-executed estate plan provides peace of mind that a client’s wishes will be carried out just as they intended. The Wealth Solutions team will work in collaboration with you, your clients and their other legal and tax professionals in the crafting of efficient, strategic plans that keep clients’ wishes at the forefront.

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  • Because wealthy clients are often uniquely generous, we offer a variety of charitable giving solutions and experienced teams to assist you and your clients create customized, tax-efficient giving strategies through the Raymond James Charitable platform, such as the donor advised fund.

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  • Through Raymond James Trust, N.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc., you and your clients have access to a team of legacy planning professionals who deal exclusively with trust issues, providing solutions tailored to individual needs, including:

    • Irrevocable trusts
    • Revocable trusts
    • Charitable trusts
    • Life insurance trusts
    • Special needs trusts
    • Delaware Directed Trusts
    • Other specialty trusts
    • Ability to serve as trustee, co-trustee, agent for trustee, custodian and personal representative in all 50 states

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High-Net-Worth Services

Broad capabilities for significant wealth

At Raymond James, we provide the keen insight, robust capabilities and customized investment solutions to meet the demands of significant wealth.

Private Wealth Services

Leveraging our extensive service, product offerings and expertise, you can design custom wealth management strategies tailored specifically to your clients’ objectives.

By Invitation Only

A prestige program for advisors and their top clients and prospects, a By Invitation Only visit offers a firsthand introduction to all Raymond James has to offer.


Collaborating with Raymond James Trust

An overview of the personalized service and support we offer you and your clients.

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Tax Planning: Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

Understanding how the tax law affects charitable giving and estate planning.

Download PDF about Tax Planning: Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

Converting Stock Into a Good Cause

How a charitable remainder trust can create a tax deduction and income while contributing to philanthropic causes.

Download PDF about Converting Stock Into a Good Cause

Ready to learn more?

What you see here is only the beginning of the support Raymond James offers advisors and their high-net-worth clients. Have a confidential conversation with one of our recruiters to learn how deep that support can go.