Practice Exchange: A platform for a successful succession

practice exchangeAfter devoting years of your life to developing and enhancing your business, you deserve a plan that will allow you to maximize the results of your hard work and prioritize the ongoing success of the business you helped build. Similarly, if you’re an ambitious advisor seeking to expand your reach and enhance your assets by acquiring a new business, you deserve to find the perfect fit for your goals.

It’s in that spirit that Raymond James created Practice Exchange, our succession planning platform designed to help you find your ideal buyer or seller when the time is right.

Whether you’re seeking to propel your growth or pass on the torch, Practice Exchange offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced access to educational resources, succession planning tools and a consulting team – all in one place
  • A new valuation tool for advisors that allows them to review an estimated range of value for their practices
  • The ability to pinpoint succession opportunities by allowing advisors to register as a buyer, seller or catastrophic partner
  • A secure space to review agreements, perform due diligence and negotiate with future partners
  • The option to upload and store a catastrophic succession plan

Succession support you can count on

Committed to helping you pursue your growth and retirement goals, our Succession and Acquisition Planning team is ready to support you each step of the way as we build and document your succession plan. No matter what questions you may have, count on us to help you confidently step into the next chapter of your career.