Board of Directors

Meet the current Board of Directors of MN Stars.


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President: Shawn Nygaard.  Shawn is an archetypal astrologer from Minneapolis, MN, where he does readings and teaches classes and webinars. He begins as a Tutor at MISPA (Mercury Internet School for Psychological Astrology) in the autumn. He has spoken at the 2015 conference of the Astrological Association, and presented at the London School of Astrology, Nightlight Astrology, MISPA, and the Minnesota Jung Association. His writing has been published in The Mountain Astrologer. He is a graduate of the CMED Institute, where he studied archetypes with Caroline Myss.

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Betty EdwardsVice President: Betty Edwards. Betty has been studying and teaching astrology and reading charts for over 30 years. She was an organizer for Minneapolis Astrology Meetup for 5 years. Betty has a Master’s Degree in Education and is NCGR Level 1 Certified.

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linda_(1)Treasurer: Linda Fei.  Linda has been involved with STARS since volunteering for the Minneapolis NCGR conference in 1993. December 2012 she passed the level 2 NCGR certification exam and was appointed STARS treasurer. As a Scorpio  she take seriously her responsibility to be careful with STARS’ resources. She believes it’s important for STARS to pay its own way and budget to provide quality learning and growth experiences for as many interests in the community as possible.

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Corresponding Secretary: Maddie Youngstrom.  Maddie has been involved in the astrological community for the past few years, whether through meet up, various book clubs and STARS. She would like to inspire others through the fine art of astrology by helping to facilitate community events with world-class speakers. Maddie has been delving into astrology for nearly 20 years. Over the past 7 years, she studied with the best mentors and teachers the Twin Cities has to offer. She is NCGR Level 1 certified since 2014 and in private practice as an astrological counselor. 



Education Coordinator:  Antonia Follano.  Antonia has been studying astrology since late 2015 and has been soaking up as much knowledge as she can get her hands on since then. With Sun and Mercury in the 9th house, she loves astrology as a tool for broadening her understanding of the universe we live in. Antonia passed the Level 1 NCGR exam in September 2016. She appreciates the educational resources and talks she has had access to through STARS and is excited to help offer these resources to others.

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Recording Secretary: Trina Koning.  Trina has been studying astrology since fall 2015 and has been attending various STARS workshops and meet up groups since then. She learns through online courses, videos, podcasts, books, and local workshops. She’s interested in Western and Vedic and evolutionary astrology. She enjoys learning and discussing astrology with the group and would like to see it continue for the benefit of the community. She also has experience with websites, copywriting, and email marketing.