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AMP Q&A: Nina Threets, AMP trainee

Q: What was your background prior to joining AMP? 

A: Prior to the corporate world, I was a professional track and field runner. After grad school, I competed internationally for three years before hanging up the spikes.

When I first joined the corporate world, I worked for an insurance company as a sales representative focused on property and casualty insurance. Although I had a successful background with my previous employer, I gravitated to a more personal approach with my clients and wanted to offer more options to better serve my clientele. Therefore, I set out as an independent insurance broker specializing in life insurance, as well as property and casualty insurance, giving my clients customized strategies.

Q: Why did you decide to join AMP?

A: I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and maximize my impact on the community. As a spouse, a parent and a consumer, I want to professionally manage my clients’ wealth and help provide a lasting approach to sustaining their legacy. Joining AMP essentially empowers me to do so, and the thorough approach of the program ensures that we lead with our best foot forward.

Q: What would you tell others about AMP?

A: I admire the investment Raymond James makes in its advisors. It speaks to not only their commitment to their workforce, but to our clients. AMP is very thorough, engaging and welcoming to the new breed of advisors coming into society. As society continues to change, I find it refreshing for Raymond James to constantly stay ahead, and to be able to adapt and respond to the needs of our clients.

About the Advisory Mastery Program (AMP)

Through distance learning, apprenticeship and sessions at the firm’s international headquarters, AMP offers a comprehensive education for the next generation of Raymond James financial advisors.

The program takes a holistic approach, incorporating training for technical and sales skills to fully position new advisors for success. A generous compensation is provided initially to help ease participants out of a set salary while they build their client base. In addition, AMP is designed to support long-term development, whether a candidate plans to be a stand-alone advisor or join an existing team. For more information about the Advisory Mastery Program, click here.