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STARS (Society for Teaching, Astrological Research & Study) is a non-profit astrological organization that serves the Twin Cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota) and surrounding areas.

As the Minnesota Chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) we provide everyone in the community with an opportunity to attend lectures given by local and national speakers and meet other astrologers who are furthering their interest in the subject of astrology. 

You can join NCGR or renew your membership in three easy ways:

1. By Phone: Call (212) 838-NCGR (6247)

2. By Mail: Send your name, contact information and dues payment to

Alvin Burns
1351 Maryland Ave. NE, Apt. B
Washington, D.C. 20002

3. Online: Go to www.geocosmic.org and select “Join NCGR” from the navigation bar.


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Palmistry For Astrologers

On March 19th at Lund’s community room from 2:00 -4:30

It’s in your hands! Palmistry is a powerful tool to fine-tune an astrological reading. We know a chart describes our inherent soul patterns, while transits and progressions describe our celestial interactions along our journey, but we have a lot of choice about how we express our chart and how we respond to those transits. Our hands are our energy conduit to the world, they show the same basic characteristics as the chart, but also record and map the consequences of our choices. In the palm we see how someone reacts to the slings and arrows of fortune, where they have unused potential, and what might help bring their life and self into balance. In this workshop we’ll get to know the basics lines and shapes then break down in groups and workshop one another’s hands in comparison to our charts. Bring your chart. And if you have it, bring a magnifying glass.


About the Author:
Heather Roan Robbins is a ceremonialist, astrologer, palmist, president of MNStars 2011-15; she is committed to bringing high quality intuitive arts to the public in an accessible and useful format. Heather’s interest in palmistry began forty years ago when she noticed her high school art teacher used palmistry to gain extraordinary insight into mysterious adolescent psyches. She pumped him for information and began to collect palmistry books and palm prints from her cohorts and teachers. She has developed her uniquely grounded but soul-centered approach over the last 40 years as she worked with astrology and palmistry, and recently published Everyday Palmistry. (cico books, 2016), reviewed: http://www.spiralnature.com/reviews/everyday-palmistry-heather-robbins/


12715554_1007308005992456_211373217409534619_nThe NCGR 2017 Conference- The Many Faces Of Astrology was a great success.   4 members from our chapter attended including Shawn Nygaard who did a presentation titled, “A Brief Introduction to Archetypal Astrology“.






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