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STARS (Society for Teaching, Astrological Research & Study) is a non-profit astrological organization that serves the Twin Cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota) and surrounding areas.

As the Minnesota Chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) we provide everyone in the community with an opportunity to attend lectures given by local and national speakers and meet other astrologers who are furthering their interest in the subject of astrology. 

You can join NCGR or renew your membership in three easy ways:

1. By Phone: Call (212) 838-NCGR (6247)

2. By Mail: Send your name, contact information and dues payment to

Alvin Burns
1351 Maryland Ave. NE, Apt. B
Washington, D.C. 20002

3. Online: Go to www.geocosmic.org and select “Join NCGR” from the navigation bar.


We have two events in September by Astrologer and teacher Anne Ortelee


Friday, September 23 7-8:30 pm Lund’s Community Room, Uptown, Minneapolis

Uranus and Eris are joining in the sky. Eris is a newly discovered planet, and will be making her way into our consciousness as she meets up with creative Uranus in fiery passionate Aries. We’ll explore how these two primeval energies combine, joining to start us on a new cycle of consciousness. Similar to the eighteenth-century Enlightenment – life will never be the same!

Suggested Donation: $10 members/$15 non-members



Mapping Your Life

Saturday, September 24 10 am – 5 pm

*Fountain Woods Condominium Party Room, 2nd floor, 6670 Vernon Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55436, USA* 

A day long hands on Astrology Workshop/Funshop learning and working with various astrology techniques to Map Your Life. Students will first work with the chart of a famous person to learn a technique. After understanding a technique, Students will work with the chart supplied at registration. Students can work with their own chart (suggested) or the chart of a person close to them.

Techniques covered will include Transits, Secondary Progressions, Lunar Phases, Nodes, Planetary Returns, Solar Arcs, Midpoints, Pinball, and Lifespan Declination. At the conclusion of the Workshop/Funshop, each Student will leave with an integrated Map of their Life as well as suggestions and ideas on how to work with their natal potential and upcoming life events.

Often Astrology is taught transit by transit to the natal chart. In this Workshop/Funshop, we’ll endeavor to see each and every life as a whole, integrated, soul experience. You’ll come to understand how the events of your life combine to create the beautiful kaleidoscope and shimmering tapestry of you. As we fly over your life at 20,000 feet, you’ll integrate the life events, turning points and pivotal moments of your life in a new way.

*Please bring art supplies ~ crayons, colored pencils or pens*

*You must send your birth information to Anne by Wednesday Sept 21st to receive your personalized set of charts for the workshop.  Anne’s email address: anneortelee@yahoo.com  *

*Lunch: STARS will provide sandwiches and a drink.  If you care to share, bring a pot luck dish to add to our lunch. (optional)*

Saturday Workshop: $55 members/$65 non-members

Both Lecture & Workshop: $60 members/$75 non-membersEnrollment Now

Anne Ortelee has a thriving astrology consulting practice where she uses an array of eastern and western astrological approaches. She is dedicated to helping people find practical ways to work with the unique energies in their charts. She’s volunteered for NCGR since 1995 and is the Treasurer of OPA. Anne is certified by three astrology organizations ~ ISAR-CAP, AFA-PMAFA and NCGR-PAA Level 3. She writes articles, speaks, publishes forecasts on her website and hosts three weekly internet radio shows. Find everything at www.AstroAnne.com 

 visit our calendar page for information on upcoming meetings.



12715554_1007308005992456_211373217409534619_nThe NCGR 2017 Conference- The Many Faces Of Astrology is coming up soon.  It will be held in Baltimore Maryland February 16-19.  For more information go to the NCGR Conference website or visit their Facebook page






Please visit our Minnesota Stars Board of Directors page for contact and biographical information about our board.